Homes for Rent: Neighborhoods in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey to Invest In

Homes for Rent: Neighborhoods in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey to Invest In

Mt. Laurel, NJ, has average crime rates, upper middle-income levels, and an unemployment rate that is a few percentage points better than the norm.

Based on this, the township might seem like a middle-of-the-road destination to most people. That is until you look into its fascinating history.

Luckily, you won't need to live in a cave when you first move here. You'll find a great selection of homes for rent in Mt. Laurel to choose from instead. Read on to explore some of the best places to live in this part of the world.


Mt. Laurel and Cherry Hill are among the best places to live in South Jersey, and Springville is rated as the best neighborhood in this area. Homes for sale in this area sell for very high prices.

It's a popular neighborhood for executives and professionals but has one of the highest vacancy rates in town. This is mainly due to new construction that hasn't been snapped up yet.

Holiday Village East

Holiday Village is another affluent neighborhood, with a high average rental price and a median price for real estate listings that's higher than most neighborhoods in the U.S.

There's a high demand for accommodation in Holiday Village East and a low vacancy rate of around 4%. This makes it a good choice for residential investors looking for a stable income.

Rancocas Woods

Many military personnel live in Rancocas Woods, as well as those employed in professional, executive, and management occupations. Home prices are high, but rental prices are lower than most other New Jersey neighborhoods.

As a result, the area boasts low vacancy rates, too. If you invest in a home here, a property manager can help you upgrade your home and market it effectively to attract more tenants.


Ramblewood boasts very low vacancy rates and high home prices. Most real estate here comprises medium-sized single-family homes and high-rise apartment complexes.

Rent in this neighborhood is lower than in 60% of New Jersey neighborhoods, and most homes are owner-occupied.

It's an upper-middle-income neighborhood and home to many people employed in manufacturing, clerical, tech support, and clerical occupations. Many Ramblewood residents have a European heritage.


Fellowship is one of the cheapest neighborhoods in New Jersey in terms of home and rental prices. Homes in this Fellowship are rarely vacant either, so it's one of the best places to invest if you're a first-timer.

It's a family-friendly neighborhood boasting large homes with expansive yards, good schools, and a low crime rate. Most residents here work in sales and service jobs, like accounts, manufacturing, tech support, clerical, and labor occupations.

Find the Best Homes for Rent in Mt. Laurel

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