How to Get More Homeowners to Attend HOA Meetings

How to Get More Homeowners to Attend HOA Meetings

Over half of Americans live in communities with homeowner associations. Even so, being an active participant in an HOA can seem like a burden to someone who's already busy. If you're in charge of an HOA, you might be on the hunt for ways to build engagement.

Wondering how to encourage better attendance at HOA meetings? Read on to find out more!

Find an Agreeable Meeting Time

You can make attending meetings easier by choosing a time that works for most people. Avoid times during normal business hours or even over dinner hours. Instead, consider hosting meetings later in the evening when households with kids may be able to make arrangements.

Additionally, choose a location that is accessible to members of your community. You may want to choose a community center or local public space.

As another option, look into an outdoor setting when the weather is nice. A park with play equipment is ideal for parents who may need to bring their children to a meeting.

Reach Out Through Social Media

Even your most involved neighbors might not know when the next HOA meeting is. To drum up better meeting attendance, you'll need to invest time into a marketing strategy. This doesn't have to be costly - but it does need to be attention-grabbing and effective.

Use social media to your advantage. Start a Facebook group for the HOA where you can post updates and meeting reminders. This can be a convenient way to keep your neighborhood interested.

Create and post a simple graphic that advertises your next meeting and encourages newcomers to attend. Be clear on when the meetings will start and end. And include all key information, such as the location and your contact information.

Give Homeowners a Voice

Running a meeting means you need to allow opportunities for attendees to participate. This can mean scheduling a specific agenda item where people can bring up concerns or questions. But participation can translate to other options.

Create subcommittees or groups within your HOA where individuals can participate more actively. This is an excellent way to foster connections. And it might help increase meeting attendance.

For example, you might start a beautification group that tends to flowers in common areas. Or perhaps you have a safety committee that brings attention to security issues affecting the community.

Run Efficient Meetings

Do you use an agenda at your meetings? If you don't, it's time to start. Long, wandering meetings are a big turnoff and won't encourage better attendance.

You may want to set time limits for agenda items, as well. It's easy for a schedule to stall when conversations continue for too long.

Attendees will appreciate the sense of structure when you use an agenda. They'll also be able to budget their time more effectively to attend. For those individuals needing to get a babysitter, a clear timeframe is essential.

Improve Attendance at HOA Meetings

HOA meetings give homeowners an opportunity to be involved with their community. Advertise board meetings and hold them at an agreeable time. And keep your agendas organized so that you can run efficient meetings.

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